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Seeking jobs for fresh graduates in a country like India is becoming difficult day by day and every fresh graduate is worried about seeking jobs paying handsome salaries. Why is it so? Have you ever think of it? One of the main reasons is the population of India, the current population of India is about 1,380,004,385, of which youth is 34.33%. So such a large number of people are struggling to find high paying jobs, but they fail to access a sequenced data. This article will help you with the best job-seeking platforms in India, some of them are as follows:

 is one of the first job sites in India, plus it is a leading platform having a market share of more than about 60% of the job hunt market. It was started and grown rapidly in India as they provide plenty of jobs and have a portal that can be accessed easily and anyone can register on it easily. Due to this user-friendly platform, there are approximately 49.5 million job seekers registered on it and about 15000 resumes are uploaded daily. In addition to this, they have launched their new portal named as, it is designed for fresh graduates and enrolled students in the universities who are in search of internships, and this platform has provided a lot of ease.


Monster India started back in 1999, this platform is famous because also offers international jobs for overseas Indians or the ones who have the plan to peruse their career internationally. The main focus of monster India in providing jobs in Middle East Southeast Asian countries. In addition to this they are famous as they have subcategorized the types of jobs on their website. Some of the categories are government jobs, walk-in jobs, and jobs for fresher. The main reason for being famous for them in India is that they provide job alerts through mail as per resumes and skills of a variety of audiences. Monster India also helps people in making resumes. They provide skill-wise, city wise, gender-wise, and time period wise opportunities to the people.

  1. Indeed:

Indeed is considered to be the amazon of job portals. As it is well known among the people because it provides opportunities to the people, as they can look for jobs in their residing area worldwide. India is lucky to be registered on such a multinational job searching portal. This website benefits the job seeker in a way that gives a slight idea of the pay scale of different companies. This platform is serving the people form the last 15 years and has approximately 60 countries registered on it. The best thing is that Indeed is offering good and healthy paying jobs even in this situation of a pandemic. Online jobs are also offered. So what are you waiting for? Just register on Indeed and grow your career up.


This platform is the best platform for job seekers as well as for employers. This job portal is well known for its valuable services and value-added services for its visitors. Many big companies’ human resource departments use this platform for hiring and recruiting, so this platform is amongst the best opportunity to get registered to find a job as per your need. They are looking for junior, middle, and senior-level people, so this platform helps you to get an instant response, just drop your profile and wait for the best opportunity to come up for you.

  1. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is known as the social platform for professionals and job seekers. It is very easy to use, as its interface is much similar to Facebook and Instagram and we all very familiar with these applications. One can make connections with big companies within India and internationally as well. LinkedIn provides job seekers with opportunity to make a detailed and in-depth resume as their profile, after that you can make connections with human resources of big companies to seek good job opportunities. These connections will help you to upscale your skills and to get more opportunities to grow in career plus financially. LinkedIn has provided its users with another amazing platform named LinkedIn learning, which helps the job seekers to learn new skills and to explore more opportunities for growth in the industry.

The above-mentioned platforms can help you out in having jobs as per your skill, area, gender, and time frame. You are free to have jobs of your choice, either you want online jobs or physical jobs. Even in these hard times of pandemic, where companies have started downsizing, but these platforms will help you to have jobs and working conditions of your own choice.

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