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15 August 2020 Current Affairs: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Digital Health Mission on the 74th Independence day. It is expected that the mission would revolutionize India’s health sector.

♦ Under the National Digital Health Mission, every Indian will receive a unique health identity card.
♦ The mission features Tele-consultation and E-Pharmacies.
♦ Every citizen who holds the cards shall allow one-time access to the doctors and health care providers during their visit to the hospitals.
♦ National Digital Health Mission  Mission allows patients to access health services remotely.
♦ The card will ensure permission to access confidential medical data which will be provided for every visit by the patient himself. It will assure the privacy and maintenance of the patient. Also, the control of access to the digital records ♦ will be completely in the hands of the patient and the doctors will be able to access the medical record every time only at the will of the patients.



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